You just wait for me, all right?

An Ocean Between Us - Requiem by Pistolerochrosor

-I always thought you were the most
beautiful girl I ever seen.

- Really?

- Ever since I first saw you.

- That's nice, Harry.
That makes me feel really good.
Other people
have told me that before,
and it was meaningless

-Why? Because you thought
they were pulling your leg?

-No, no, not like that. I mean...
I don't know. I don't know
or even care if they were.
Just from them it was...
just meaningless, you know?
When you say it, I hear it.
I really hear it.

Somebody like you could really
make things all right for me.

You think?

- 'Marion.'
- Harry?

-'Marion, I've been
thinking about you so much.
'Are you OK?

- When you comin' home?


- 'You holdin' out all right?'

- Harry?
Can you come today?

I'll come.
'I'll come today.

-You just wait for me, all right?


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